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We offer high quality Vacation experiences in Tromsø, Northern Norway

Experience the magic scenery, fjords, mountains, northern lights, whales, or join us and catch your own self-caught fish dinner. We promise you experience that lasts a lifetime.

1 – Explore our yachts  

Arctic Princess (2014): Sailing tours. She is comfortable, its a dream in it self.  This is a relax tour. All of our guests love her.
Arctic Queen (2016)   : Private Cruise and exclusive tours. This is our brand new yacht. Cruising at first class. Best “view in town”
Arctic TeslaX (2017) : Tesla Model X Luxury Electrical car, for special tours for max 5 Guests. Example Northernlight, Sightseeing or speciale and Private tours

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2 – Choose your dream experience

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