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Whalesafari | VIP Tour | Family from China

Nice family visited Arctic Princess.

A lot of humpback whales swimming arround.

More pictures here

Whalesafari | #Tromsø | Boat

New captain | Arctic Princess | Whalesafari DSC04122 Famaily from China | Whalesafari | Arctic Princess

#VIP | #Whalesafari | #Tromsø

Fantastic whalesafari today.

Our guest from Sweden joined Arctic Princess on this Beautiful winterday, just some days before sun is getting back to us. All seems to be very happy,

See more nice pictures here

Tromso | Sailing | Arctic Princess | Boat

Tromso | Sailing | Arctic Princess | Boat

#VIP | #Whalesafari | #Fishing | Tromsø

Very nice and cozy whalesafari and Fishing trip today.

Our friends from Nederland also got some fish on this trip. Cold, clear andnice weather as well.

Thanks for joining us. More picture her

#Whalesafari | Fishing | #Tromso

#Whalesafari | #Fishing | #Tromso

Whalesafari | 1.Januar 2016

Nice friends from UK, Italy, Nederland, US and France sailed with us on this first day in 2016

Thanks for choosing Arctic Princess. Welcome back.

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Whalesafari | Tromso | Arctic Princess

Whalesafari Trailer | Arctic Princess

Come sail with us onboard the yacht Arctic Princess, a luxury lagoon 450 built in 2014.

We offer extraordinary Whale Safaris and Northern Light tours on a daily basis. Feel free to contact us at any time and we will help you customise your experience.


Exclusive whalewatching | Guests from Spain | Arctic Princess

#Private | Quiet | #Exclusive

New nice friends from Spain. Thanks for sailing with us today

Private | Exlusive | Whalewatching Private | Exlusive | Whalesafari

Whalesafari | Dinner in the Wild | Arctic Princess

On this whalesafari trip our guests get warm fishsoup served outside.

Special experience at Arctic Princess. Memory for life.

Whalesafari | Dinner Outseide | #Wildness | Arctic Princess

Nice Whalesafari | Guest from Italy | ArcticPrincess

Killer whale dancing arround Arctic Princess,

Fantastic beautiful animals outside Tromsø city.  The get so close that we almost could touch them.

See more prictures here at our webshop.

Whalesafari with ArcticPrincess Orcas close to Arctic Princess

Whalewatching | Arctic Princess | Guest from Singapore and Norway

A lof of Orcas on this nice whalesafari with Arctic Pincess.

We are also happy when guests are coming back to us, – and like to go with us next trip too. Thanks 🙂

More pictures here

Orcas near Arctic Princess Whalesafari with Artctic Princess | Tromso


Soon season | Amazing Whalesafari | Whalewatching | Tromsø at Arctic Princess

In midle of November we estimate the big and amazing #Humpback #whales are back.

This video shows some exiting minutes at Arctic Princess, last year.



#Whalewatching #Fishing #Tromsø

A lot of nice friends from #London was with #Arctic #Princess.

After watching the magical whales we went for fishing. They seems to be “professional” fishermen 😉

See more pictures here


#Whale #Watching and #Fishing #Tromsø #Whale #Watching and #Fishing

#Whale #watching |#Whalesafari | #Tromsø

Even very strong wind today, we had a nice #Whalesafari togehter with new friends from India.

Welcome back to us and #Tromsø.

See more pictures here.


Whale watching Tromsø | Customer from IndiaWhale watching Tromsø | Customer from India | Strong wind

#Whalewatching | #Whalesafari | #Tromsø | Cold Weather | Nice Trip

Our customer had a nice #whalewatching with us, even it was very cold weather. Nice background outside #Tromsø
Customer all the way from South Africa. Even from Oslo 🙂

See more pictures here.

#Whalewatching #Whalesafari #Tromsø | January 11 #Whalewatching #Whalesafari #Tromsø | Cold weather  #Whalewatching #Whalesafari #Tromsø

#Whalewatching | #Fishing | Nighttrip | #Tromsø

Funny new friends from Malaysia on this Night and Day Trip. #Whalesafari and #Fishing.

We made self caught #fishdinner.

See more pictures here

Whalewatching and Fishing | Malaysia WhaleWatching from Arctic Princess Fishdinner | Selfcauhgt | Tromsø


Whalesafari | Whalewatching | Action

Realy nice #Whalesafari | Lot of #Action | #Tromsø | #Kaldfjord

#Whalewatching from Arctic Princess was realy exciting. Customer was satisfied!

See more pictures here

Whalesafari | Whalewatching with Action Tromsø Whalesafari | Whalewatching with Action Kaldfjord

Northernlight tour | Whalewatching

Nice customer from Italy wanted to see the #Northernlight and join us on #Whalewatching. We gave them both 🙂

Nice and logn #Whalesafari from Tromsø to Kaldfjord, where we find the Whales. Pictures taken without tripod!

See more pictures here

Nordthernlight tour Arctic Princess

Whale watching | Whalesafari Tromsø

Nice Sunday | Whalesafari | Norwegian Swedish English | Tromsø

Full boat first Sunday in January.  #Whalesafari departure from #Tromsø.

Also customers from Norway / Tromsø today.

See more pictures here.

Whalesafari Norwegian | Swedish English Customer | Tromsø II Whalesafari Norwegian | Swedish English Customer | Tromsø

BEST of the BEST | #Northernlight | #Whalesafari And Fishing | #Tromsø

A fantastic trip with #Northernlights dancing on the sky while sailing to our destination for the night

Next day we wake up, a good breakfast made by one of the customer. Then #Whalesafari with a lot of Whales.  The customer ended the trip with #Fishing and we make fishdinner on our way back to #Tromsø

See more pictures here

Northernlight | Whalesafari | Fishing | Tromsø

Northernlight | Whalesafari | Fishing | Tromsø I

Northernlight | Whalesafari | Fishing | Tromsø II

First day 2015 | #Whalesafari |Happy Customers |A lot of Whales | #Tromsø

On this first day of 2015, we had a lot of nice and happy customers onboard, for #Whalewatching

We came out there, a little windy, but it became nice after a while. Good stories on our way back to #Tromsø

See more photo here:

First day 2015| Whalesafari Tromsø | Happy customers

First day 2015| Whalesafari Tromsø | Lot of Whales

#Whalesafari | Heavy Weather | #Tromsø

On this last day of 2014 we did #Whalesafari from #Tromsø with a lot of nice customer from around the world

Weather was realy heavy out there, but customer was happy.

More pictures here

Heavy weather | Whalesafari Tromsø

Heavy weather | Whalesafari Tromsø | STILL HAPPY

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