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Sightseeing | Guests from UK & China | #Tromsø | Princess Emi

Happy birthday to the Father of this family from UK – who was #cruising our 3 Islands #Sightseeing.

Thanks to all of you + the lady from China that joined Princess Emi today.

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Sightseeing | Guests from UK & China | #Tromsø | Princess Emi

#Sightseeing | #Tromsø |#Tirpitz wreck visit | Princess Emi

Today we visit the battleship #Tirpitz wreck during our 3 Islands sightseeing from Tromsø

Our guests from Tsjekkia wanted to visit this old German Battleship wreck from the war period in Norway,

03 April 1944: At 0528 hours, the Tirpitz is attacked by 40 bombers from the carriers Victorious, Furious, Emperor, Searcher, Fencer, and Pursuer. The ship is hit by 10 bombs of 225 kg and 4 of 775 kg. The damage is heavy and casualties amount to 122 dead and 316 wounded. At 0636 there is a second wave with no success. Ammunition expended: 506 x 10.5cm, 400 x 3.7cm, and 8,260 x 2cm projectiles.

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#sightseeing | #Tromsø |#Tirpitz visit | Princees Emi

3 Islands | #Sightseeing | #Tromsø | Princess Emi | Guests from Thailand

Our friends from Thailand choose Princess Emi | #VIP #Cruise and #Sightseeing from #Tromsø.

We started while still raining, but after a while we got a nice weather. We cruised arroun Beautiful Islands, saw Eagle. cormorant bird and Musk Ox before we enjoyed fish soupand said hello to our RIB Friend Francisco.

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3 Islands #Sightseeing #Tromso #Norway

3 Islands #Sightseeing #Tromso #Norway

Sigtseeing | Princess Emi

#Contrasts place on #earth

Fantastic #cruising today. Nice weather, high temperature and very strong contrasrt between #summer and #winter. We also did some #fishing as well:)

More pictures here


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