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Special days | Special weather | Sailing | Arctic Princess

Our new friends from Malaysia joined Arctic Princess for Northernlights hunting,

Saling and fishing trip next day. The weather was a challange, but we ended up with a nice trip. Wind, rain, waves, clouds and sun. All in a special mixture.

See more nice pictures here

Rainbow | Tromso | Saling | Arctic Princess Malaysia lady | Saling | ArcticPrincess | Tromso Tromso | Mountain|| Sailing | ArcticPrinccess

Beautiful sailing | Guest from India

What a day! Fantastic weather | Fall | Tromsø

Our new friends from India joined Arctic Princess and got a nice and relax sailing with us.   More pictures here

Fall | Tromso | Sailing | Arcticprincess Sail | Relax | Tromso | Guest from India | Arctic Princess Tromso | Sailing | Norway | Arctic Princess

#Sailing | Fishing two in One Catch| #Tromso | October

On this sailing trip we had a strange happening. Natalie got Pollock, and a big Cod eating the Pollock!

Two in one, is not normal on our trips. Later we where cocking both of them for dinner.

See more pictures here

#Sailing | #Tromso | October | #ArcticPrincess Cod eat Pollock | #ArcticPrincess |#Tromso

Family tour | #Sail and #Relax | Tromso

I am very happy that my family could be on a sailing trip with Arctic Princess.

Nice weather and just a relaxing time. Good food made by my sister. Thanks 🙂 Next time, all

See more pictures here

#Sailing | Relax | #Tromso | Family

#Sailing | #Tromso | Guests from Sweden | Fantastic Weather

We had a fantastic weather during this Sail & Relax trip from Tromso.

Our swedish had a nice tour aboard at #ArcticPrincess. Thanks to Moment Norway As for arranging this wonderful day.

See more nice sailing pictures here

#Sailing | #Tromso | Guests from Sweden | Fantastic Weather #Sailing | #Tromso | Fantastic Weather

#Sailing | #Tromso | #Fishing | Guest from Canada

New nice friends from Canada joined Arctic Princess today.

We left #Tromso at 12:00 and have a nice and relax sailing before we tried #fishing. Relaxing time while learning more about my new friends. More picture here

#Sailing | #Tromso | #Fishing | Guest from Canada #Sailing | #Tromso | #Fishing | Happy canadian guest

Saling and relax trip | Scandic Grand Tromsø

Thanks to Scandic Grand Tromsø

Their sales team joined Arctic Princess. We got a nice sailing this evening, more than 8 knots as the highest sailing speed today,

Welcome back. See more sailing pictures and movie here

Sailing and relax trip | Tromsoe | Scandic

Sailing and relax trip | Arctic Princess

Beautiful weather during this relaxing sailing with Arctic Princess.

Our guest invite us to his diving center in  Koh Chang, Thailand next time we are visiting this beautiful country.

He said:

We are located on the beautiful island of  Koh Chang, Thailand, where the jungle is lush and stunning sights surround you. The ocean is full of aesthetic appeal, with nice warm water and plenty of sea life waiting to be seen. Our diving center offers the best scuba diving, snorkeling and service around the island, an experience that no one should miss! We operate and maintain the highest European standards on every level from training, equipment and safety, to food and transportation.

See more sailing picture here

#Sailing | Relax | #Tromsoe | Arctic Princess #Sailing | Relax | #Tromsoe


#Sailing and Relax | #Tromsoe

Our new friend from US had a nice Sailing and Relax trip aboard Arctic Princess.

Before we gewt back home we tried fishing, – and they seems to be even more happy. Thanks for inviting me to visit you 🙂

More sailing pictures here

#Fishing | #Sailing #Tromsoe #Saling | #Relax | #Tromsoe

Sailing and Relax from #Tromsoe | Fishing

Nice sailing today with new friends from France, Germany and Autralia.

We also try #fishing. Guests like our fishsoup too.

More pictures here

Sail and relax | #Tromsoe | #Fishing |DinnerSail and relax | #Tromsoe | #Fishing

#Sailing and Relax | Arctic Princess | Swedish guests | #Tromsoe

Confortable sailing today. Just a sail and relax trip with Arctic Princess


Sailing and relax | Swedish guests  Sailing and relax | Swedish guests | TromsoeSailing and relax | Swedish guests | Arctic Princess

#Sail and Relax | Gåsvær | Risøy | Fishing

Fantastic #sailing from #Tromso to Risøy Islands.

On our way we visiting beautiful Gåsvær.

See more  nice pictures at our Flickr albums

Sail and Relax | Arctic Princess | Tromso 3Sail and Relax | Arctic Princess | Tromso 0  Sail and Relax | Arctic Princess | Tromso

#Fjordcruise | #Sail |#Troms0

Fin tur med gjester fra Bladet Nordlys.

Kundene spiste reker og slappet av. Været var ikke på vår side denne gangen.

Fin fjordcruise | Seiltur rundt Tromsøya.

Se flere bilder her

#Fjordcruise | #sail | #Nordlys | #Tromso

Before wedding |#Sailing | Arctic Princess |#Tromso

Funny Norwegian guys,

Sailing with Arctic Princess. Party for one these guys, before wedding.

See more funny pictures here

Before wedding | #sailing |#Tromso | #Arctic Pincess

#Sailing & #Relax | #Tromso | Chineese guests

Thanks for choosing Arctic Princess

Fresh #Fish for lunch during sailing and Relax tour today. Snowing but nice trip. Thanks

See more pictures here

#Sailing | #RELAX | #Tromso | Chineese Guests | #Arctic #Princess

#Sail & Relax | #Tromso | Mars 20 | #Arctic Princess | USA Guests

Fantastic #Sailing from #Tromso | Guests from USA

The  magical “Eclipse made this trip to something special and Unique this day. Our guests was very satisfied. Thanks for choosing Arctic Princess. Welcome back.

See more pictures here

Sail & Relax | ARCTIC PRINCESS | TROMS0Sail & Relax | Tromso | Arctic Princess | Guest from USA

Sail & Relax |#Northernlights

Friends from England, USA and Italy joined us

We go for #Northernlights, but we could not see it this trip. We make a nice homemade fishsoup (made by Jan Solberg) and had a glas of red wine.

Pictures taken by my Iphone this day. More here

Sail and Relax | #Tromso Febr 26

Sailing and Relax |#Fishing in #Tromso

We did a sailing and Relax trip with guests from Netherland and Germany

Later, our guests from Beijing enjoyed the selfcaught “Fish for dinner.

See more pictures here


Sail and relax | #Tromsø

#Tromso | #Fishing |#Dinner

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