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#Fishing | #Sail and relax | #Tromsø

Very Nice day at sea today with a family from USA

Some #fishing and later sail and relax while enjoying fresh fishdinner.

More pic here

#Fishing | #Tromsø | Arctic Princess

Fishdinner | #Tromsø


#Fishingtour | Guest from Singapore | #Tromso

Funny girls from Singapore was trying hunting for Big fish

They ended up with some small #Cods today, but had a lot fun. But, #Fishing dinner tasted excellent. More pictures #Fishing | #Tromso #Fishing | #Tromso #Fishing | #Tromso #Fishing | #Tromso

VIP fishing | Swedish guests

Nice fishing trip today 🙂 swedish guests joined Arctic PrincessMany Cods and of course a tasty fishdinner

VIP Fjordcruise | Fishing | Guests from Dubai |Princess Emi

Our VIP Guests from Dubai joined us on this Fjordcruise | Fishing trip

Snowing, sun, fish, dinner, new skipper – totally a nice trip.

See more pictures here

VIP FjordCruise | Fishing | Guests From Dubai | Princess Emi | Cabincruiser

VIP FjordCruise | Fishing | Guests From Dubai | Princess Emi | Cabincruiser

VIP Fishingtrip | Guests from Qatar

Not the best weather today, – but still a nice VIP fishing trip.

Our new friends from Qatar got several Cods, that we cooked on our further sailing. The rest was prepared for a privat dinner at Tromsø Camping. Thanks for joining us.

See more pictures here

VIP Fishing trip | Tromsø | Arctic Princess

Cozy fishingtrip | April | Tromso

A cozy sailing and fishing trip today with guests from Sweden, Brasil and Norway

Beautiful weather and selfcaught fishdinner,  made this a realy nice sunday trip.

See more nice pictures here

#Fishingtrip #Tromso #Boat#Fishingtrip | #Tromso

#Fishingtrip | #Tromso | #Boat | #Arctic Princess


#VIP | #Whalesafari | #Fishing | Tromsø

Very nice and cozy whalesafari and Fishing trip today.

Our friends from Nederland also got some fish on this trip. Cold, clear andnice weather as well.

Thanks for joining us. More picture her

#Whalesafari | Fishing | #Tromso

#Whalesafari | #Fishing | #Tromso

#Exclusive #fishing | Arctic Princess | #Tromso | Guest from Malaysia

Fantastic fishing trip today. Our guests from Malaysia got a lot of #fish.

Nive weather in #Tromsø. Welcome back to sail with us.

Pictures here

#VIP #Fishing | #Tromso | Guest from Malaysia

Happy guests from Switzwerland

Our new happy friends from Switzerland got a lot of Cods during their fishing trip with Arctic Princess.

You can see more pictures here

Tromso | Fishing | Arctic Princess

New friends from Oman | Fishing | Arctic Princess

Cozy family from Oman did a fishing trip aboard Arctic Princess

Cod lunch on our way back to #Tromso

More pictures here

Oman guests | Arctic Princess | Fishing | Tromso


A lot of Fish during this Fishing trip

Our new friends from Hong Kong got a lot of cods today.

And, had a lot of fish for lunch, while we sailed back to #Tromso.

See more pictures in our webshop

Fishing | Arctic Princess | Tromso | Guests from Singapore

Happy guests from Singapore | Fishing | Tromso

Realy nice fishing trip with new friends from Singapore

Good fish lunch while sailing back to Tromsø City

Fishing | Tromso | Guest from Singepore | ArcticPrincess

Heavy weather | US guests | Fishdinner | ArcticPrincess | Tromso

During this sailing our guests got a “taste” – how to work at sea in northern Norway,

We got a lot of rain and strong wind. I had problems to keep Arctic Princess in position, so I drop the anchor. But I got problem….but manage to solve it.

Pictures here

Heavy weather | US guests | Sailing | Arcticprincess | Tromso Heavy weather | US guests | Fishdinner | Arcticprincess | Tromso

Special days | Special weather | Sailing | Arctic Princess

Our new friends from Malaysia joined Arctic Princess for Northernlights hunting,

Saling and fishing trip next day. The weather was a challange, but we ended up with a nice trip. Wind, rain, waves, clouds and sun. All in a special mixture.

See more nice pictures here

Rainbow | Tromso | Saling | Arctic Princess Malaysia lady | Saling | ArcticPrincess | Tromso Tromso | Mountain|| Sailing | ArcticPrinccess

New friends from USA | Fishing | Tromso | Arctic Princess

Funny guys visiting Arctic Princess some days ago.

The outcome, was a good #fishdinner while sailing back to #Tromsø.

See more pictures here

#Fishing | #Tromso | ArcticPrincess | #USA friends #Fishing | #Tromso | ArcticPrincess | #US friends


Funny Chineese guest | Fishing | Tromso

We did a nice fishing trip today, and got many cods.

Alle seems to be very happy. Fishdinner and Fishsoup on our way back to Tromsø.

More pictures here

Fishing | Chineese guest | Tromso Chineese guest | Arctic Princess | Tromso Chineese | Fishing | Tromso

#Sailing | Fishing two in One Catch| #Tromso | October

On this sailing trip we had a strange happening. Natalie got Pollock, and a big Cod eating the Pollock!

Two in one, is not normal on our trips. Later we where cocking both of them for dinner.

See more pictures here

#Sailing | #Tromso | October | #ArcticPrincess Cod eat Pollock | #ArcticPrincess |#Tromso

Fishing | Big Cod | Guests from Hong Kong | Norway

Funny trip today. Nice guests from Hong Kong and Norway.

And today we got a big cod too.

See more #fishing pictures from #Tromsoe here

Fishing | Big Cod | Tromsoe

#Sailing | #Tromso | #Fishing | Guest from Canada

New nice friends from Canada joined Arctic Princess today.

We left #Tromso at 12:00 and have a nice and relax sailing before we tried #fishing. Relaxing time while learning more about my new friends. More picture here

#Sailing | #Tromso | #Fishing | Guest from Canada #Sailing | #Tromso | #Fishing | Happy canadian guest

#Fishing | Guest from Cuba | #Tromso

Another funny sailing trip with #ArcticPrincess.

Our new friends from Cuba had a nice day with us. We did some #fishing and cooked selfcaught fishdinner on our way back to #Tromso

See more funny pictures here

#fishing | Guest from Cuba | #Tromso |#Fun #fishing | Guest from Cuba | #Tromso

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