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VIP Sailing | Arctic Princess | Tromso Visitors | Guests from Portugal

Nice new friends from Portugal

Afternoon tour from Tromsø city. Just a relax and sail and sharing experience from life.
















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Fjordcruise | Some Fishing | Tromsovisitors | Arctic Princess | Guests from Korea | Sweden

Windy today – But still a super tour

Our guests like to try fishing too, and so we did. Last minute fish and super happy guests.





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Fishing tour | Sightseeing | Tromsovisitors | Arctic Princess | Guest from China and Korea

Funny guests from Asia today – Fishing and Sightseeing

We need to fight to find the best fishing spot today, but we did it. Guess how happy our guests get? Click here for more pictures

This is the captain today 🙂








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Northernlights fishing | Tromsovisitors | ArcticPrincess | Guests from Thailand

Hey Hey  Hey – Fishing in The Northernlights !

This is a not everyday experience 🙂 But we did it, and got severals cods which we prepare and had for late evening food. What a day 🙂

See exiting pictures here















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Northernlight sailing | Tromsovisitors | ArcticPrincess | Guests from China Korea

Nice evening, friendly guests but very weak Northernlights.

Anyway we got a fantastic view to Tromsø city. See more pictures here.






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Northernlight sailing | Arctic Princess | Tromsovisitors | Guests from Japan and Australia

Summer temperature in October –  North of Norway

Strange exeperience… almost 15 degree tonight while chasing lights.  Warm but a lot of wind, but we got the light tonight. Pictures without tripod made it diffucult.

More pricture here















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Fishing | Sightseeing | Tromsovisitors | Arctic Princess | Guests from Mexico | Australia

Another fantastic day at sea, sun and more sun and more than happy guests

And this time we finally got a nice big cod, after some time changing fishing spots several times. More happy guests pictures here.






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Fishing | Fisketur | Arctic Princess | Tromsovisitors | Guests from Denmark

Super duper fishing tour.

Sun sun sun and more sun in this beautiful September Tuesday. Our new guests from Denmark also got fish, and of course we made super fresh fish for lunch on our sailing back to Tromsø. More picture click here











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Fishing | Arctic Princess | Tromsovisitors | Guests from Australia & South Korea

Super nice new friends from Australia and South Korea.

All got some fish, and one the guys from Australia jumped into the sea for a short swimming, – so he must be an Australian Viking 🙂 More picture here





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Fishing tour | Arctic Princess | Tromsovisitors | Tromso | Guests from US Portugal

Super funny guest from US and Portugal.

Our new friendfs from US (China) had a funny sailing with us this nice friday in September.Smiled, joked and made our day super duper day at sea. Funny fishing as well. Click here for more pictures










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Sailing | Swimming | Tromsovisitors | ArcticPrincess | Guest from Norway France Finland Taiwan

Wow what a nice sailing with Arctic Princess.

Our Norwegian Guest even jumped into the sea – Norwegian Viking and Arctic Swimmers:) More picture here





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Northernlight sailing | ArcticPrincess | Tromsovisitors | Guests from Finland Norway

Fantastic Northernlights sailing

Our guests from Finland and Norway had a realy nice and relaxed Northernlights sailing aboard Arctic Princess. No wind, moonshine, Northernligts and magic view from sea to to Tromsø City. Cant getting a better evening? More pictures here























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Møteplassene – Arctic Princess og Arctic Queen

Vår katamaran Arctic Princess og helt nye luksus Yacht, Arctic Queen ligger midt i sentrum ved flytebrygga vis a vis Scandic Ishavshotell.

Vi tar dere med på en fin seiltur i vakre omgivelser.
Vi styrer båten, mens dere styrer møtet. Våre salonger gir den beste utsikten i byen og rammene for å få de gode møteresultater.
Vi har plass til 12  (Arctic Princess) eller 11 (Arctic Queen) møtedeltagere ombord. Servering iht. nærmere avtale.

Vi kan også tilby båtturer med vår nye luksus Yacht Arctic Queen
Arctic Queen er perfect hvis dere trenger å komme dere lengere på kortere tid. Flere benytter henne til en tur til Malangen brygger, Sommarøya el andre plasser.

To salonger
4 lugarer med toalett og dusj
Når: På forespørsel
Antall personer: Maks 12 stk
Lengde: Iht. til behov
Pris: Be om tilbud
Annet: Alt av sikkerhetsutstyr finnes ombord. Se mer på
Mobil: 905 49997

Vi tilbyr også skreddersydde turer.

Lengere dagsturer eller overnattingsturer

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Sightseeing | Eagle | Fishing | Arctic Princess | Guests from Norway

Fantastic day at sea.

Fantastic Sightseeing, Fishing, and a exiting Experience, – watching a Eagle catching a fish. Several missing but she did it 🙂

More pictures, click here












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Fjordcruise | Sailing | Fishing Arctic Princess | Guests from UK Norway

Super nice tour today. Happy guests from UK and Norway

We even tried fishing, and got a lot of Cods, – small but still funny. Some of them ended in the fishsoup on our sailing back to Tromso. We visited also the place where the battleship wreck #Tirpitz is.

More pictures here






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Sailing & #Fishing | Arcticprincess | Tromsovisitors | Guests from Brazil Spain Belgium

Summer – Sailing and Fishing, – all in one  tour.

Our guest agreed, they take the right decission. Getting on a nice and comfortable luxury boat for an exiting #fishing experience. A lot of fish on this relaxed Fjordcruise | Sail & Relax.  We are of course super happy our guest like what we can offer. Thanks a lot. If you like to visit Arctic Cruise In Norway, send us an email or look at our exiting experience and book your tour. Some says its more than our dream. More pictures

#Sightseeing | #Fishing | #ArcticPrincess | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from Finland & Norway

Raining, raining but still funny.

Our new guests from Finland and Norway seems to like the #sailing, sightseeing and Fishing tpiur today. Fresh fish in the soup and a beer isnt bad 🙂 More pictures here

#Fishing | #ArcticPrincess | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from UK and Norway

First time fishing – first time fish.

Our guests today got a new and exiting experience. Some of them find it even scary, but at the end it tasted fantastic. See nice pictures .

#ArcticRace |#Fishing | #Tromso | #Tromsovisitors |#Guests from France

Fantastic evening with new friends from France.

#ArcticRace,  Arctic Race of Norway guests visited Arctic Cruise In Norway

We did a short fishing trip this evening, and got a lot of fish in a realy bad weather! But our warm suites makes it a very nice activity, See some more photeo and video here.





#Fishing | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticPrincess | Guests from sweden & France

Wow – look at this swedish boy – Got a nice #Halibut

Why not try to catch a bigger one ? We cannot promise that you will beat him, but we can promise a nice fishing experience, in a magic scenery.

We are looking forward to see you onboard.


See more Halibut fishing here