2 Days – Risøy 99 small Islands

Risøy sailing offers a breathtaking landscape on the coast line between the North Atlantic sea and the city of Tromsø.

This trip takes 2 days (overnight trip) where you will experience the ocean waves, small and narrow straits between 99 beautiful small islands and reefs while you relax in comfortable surroundings . You come to this beautiful and magnificent natural gem only by sailing.

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You arrive in Tromsø airport. The city is known as the capital of the north and is the main gateway to the arctic. Today the town is based on
the university, sience and advanced technology research like “Spacetecs”suplies for NASA and the Aurora Borealis sience.

Once on board, enjoy a welcome drink and find your private cabin. We roughly tell you about the excitements of the trip. The safety will be stressed thought the whole voyage. Being north of the Polar circle gives us extremely varied seasons with constantly sun for 2 months and darkness for 2 months. The conditions in north changes so each trip may give you an unique experience without comparison. Despite changing conditions the weather in the area is normally calm through the year. Storms normally appear late autumn and wintertime.

Under optimal conditions, you will feel the tranquillity of sailing at the same time as the sight, smell and the wind in your face inspires you with excitement .

We will visit the old and small uninhabited kirkevær and fishing places . It would be wise to have plenty of free space on the memory chip in you camera. Here there will be thousands of beautiful, exciting , colourful, sights both from the mountains, fjords and live animals to take pictures of.

Included (Can customize)
From Tromsø City Skipper | first mate
Periode May – October Bedding
Departure/Arrival 10:00/18:00 Towels
Destination Risøy Breakfast
Duration 2 days (overnight) Lunch
Min/ Max persons Dinner
Optimal persons 6-8 persons Fruit
Price 4990,- pp Approved warm sailing suite
Lifejackets  ✔

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King Crab served at Arctic Princess

cropped-havc3b8rn.pngFrom the Great Sea Eagles to big waves right out in the open sea. If we are lucky, seals and whales shows us some of their exercises. Cormorants sitting majestically on the numerous islets and reefs.

Along the way we will go fishing and cook in the traditional way. The fish tastes delicious straight from the sea to the pot. Its ́ time for a glass of wine.

IMG_7407We anchor up and go ashore on a beautiful little island to enjoy a typical North Norwegian lunch.
We sail on to a lovely sanctuary. Risøy with 99 small islands and rocks, narrow – romantic you will enjoye the tranquility.

This breath taking views with the most calm feelings make you dream away …

Additional service:In the evening we anchor and enjoy a dinner in a Sami Lavvu . You can choose to stay the night in this traditional Sami Lavvu, on reindeer skins in a sleeping bag. We recommend the lavvu as another way of sleeping this night. It is maybe once in a Lifetime.

IMG_7304Next day, we cross ahead and look at the beautiful beaches and high mountains on Rebbebesøya before we head out to Sør-Fugløya out in the ocean (weather permitting) . Here you feel the waves take a hold of the boat and body.




IMG_0535Additional service: For those who want to have a more calm time we recommend our kayaks. Then you move into the element yourself and feel the see and wildlife as close as possible in the Northen nature.

The sailing back is used to collect impressions, take pictures, share experiences with your friends.

Back in Tromsø we end the trip with a refreshing drink and share some impressions before we leaving the Arctic Princess.

We hope to have you as a guest on several of our adventure safari tours. Best wishes for the journey home.


Additional in this trip is

  • dinner in Lavvu
  • kayak
  • visit old Norwegian house incl lunch

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