General information

 Your Charter and Sailing starts

IMG_2241In general, you arrive in Tromsø airport. The city is known as the capital of the north and is the main gateway to the arctic. Today the town is based on the university, sience and advanced technology research like “Spacetecs”suplies for NASA and the Aurora Borealis sience.

Your journey starts from central Tromsø just 15 minutes form the Airport,  nearby Scandic Ishavshotell, Hotell With, Clarion Aurora Hotell, Radisson Blu, and 5 minutes walking from Clarion The Edge.

We roughly tell you about the excitements of the trip. The safety will be stressed thought the whole voyage. Being north of the Polar circle gives us extremely varied seasons with constantly sun for 2 months and darkness for 2 months. The conditions in north changes so each trip may give you an unique experience without comparison. Despite changing conditions the weather in the area is normally calm through the year. Storms normally appear late autumn and wintertime.

Under optimal conditions, you will feel the tranquillity of sailing at the same time as the sight, smell and the wind in your face inspires you with excitement .

All trips are examples of tours we can offer, depending on weather conditions and the length of your journey.

We can offer trips from some hours to 1-one week.

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