Fjordsightseeing from Tromso with Eco friendly Tesla Model X

Experience the magic scenery on this exciting fjordsightseeing in Tromso with our Eco friendly Tesla Model X.

This trip takes you to Tromso’s beautiful and magical nature. On this Fjordsightdseeing you will experience wonderful mountains and fjords. We visit Kvaløya and 2 beautiful fjords, Kaldfjord and Ersfjord. We drive among beautiful mountains and tell a bit of history about how Norwegian peasants experience nature.

Before heading back to Tromso we stop in local nice cafe for lunch, – with a fantastic view to the sea and mountains arround.

And as always on this tour – its a private tour.






















































Included (Can Customize)
Driver / guide
Warm termal suites,Crampons, headlights (winter)
Folding chairs with reindeer leather
Coffee / tea
Additional cargo for suitecase | Equipment
Days M,TI,O,TO,F,L,S
Time 10:00 – 13:00 *) Or to aggreement
Language En, No
Alcohol Additional
Price NOK 9 900,-

*) Restriction: Max 300KM/charging (75KW battery. )

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