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Emotion Evo 27,5 – 12 AH



EVO series is now the largest series of Spanish BH bikes. When they introduced their Neo series was won several awards for good design. Unlike most other manufacturers have BH self developed motor and battery design. BH decided early on that their electric bikes to look like regular bikes and therefore the battery is completely integrated into the bike.

For charging the battery you choose whether you want to take it out of your bike (advisable when parked in sensitive locations), or whether you will plug the charger directly into the frame.

This is common to all models in the Evo series. Another thing that is common is the engine, it is 350W which is limited to 250W. This is because it is sold in different markets have different rules (Europe / USA). The engine is at 350W allows bra can do something quite unique (without and break the law). The engine started (acceleration) used it more than those 250W used in normal operation. This provides a unique acceleration at traffic lights, hills etc. It enables the other supplying mass-produced bicycles with 250W motor kept struggling and hang out with the hill town of Tromso, this gives a pretty ingenious effect.

This model is a full-fledged full suspension off road bike. It’s simply magical fun and ride a full suspension electric off road bike.

If you do not smile after a trip on such we strongly recommend a visit to the family doctor.
1 day 450 NOK
2 days 950 NOK
3 days 1350 nok
4 days 1650 nok
5 days 1950 nok

One day is 24 hours
For electric bikes we take deposit of NOK 2500, – per booking.

Per day extra 350 NOK
If you need a guide, just let us know.

Battery Ladder (for rentals over one day), helmet, repair kit, toolset
, replacement tube, pump, lights, reflective vest. All bikes are equipped with computer, it monitors and luggage rack.
Let us know if you like to Explore Tromsø from this Funny Bike.


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