Cruising transport to dedicated destination

For those who want to go to a specific destination , we will customize destinations cruise.

We leaving central Tromsø harbour and heading up to decided destination.
There will an option to go with us back to Tromsø, or using other transportation, example our VIP car service or other choices.

We have warmsuites onboard for those who want to stay outside. There are space for two people at a time on sunbed area at the bow, and 3-4 guests at the plattform behind.

For those who want to stay inside, Princess Emi has a nice saloon with big window so you will have a nice 360 degree view.

Please let us know what you like, by ask us for a proposal or book your cruise now.

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We serve waffle incl. coffee/tee. Sale of beer and wine. Warm cloths is included.

Included (Can Customize)
From Tromsø City Skipper
Periode February – October Warm waffles
Time Acc to agreement Alcohol Additional
Days M,TI,O,TO,F,L,S Approved warm sailing suite
Duration 3 hours
Max persons Maximum 9 persons.

1 hour 30 minute cruise one way.

NOK 5000 for 1-5 guests

NOK 7500 for 6-9 guests

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