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Private | Northern lights | Tesla Car tour | From Tromso

Super nice private Norhern Lights Tour with our brand New Tesla Model X – Arctic X, from Tromso

Our guests from Brasil got what they came for – Northern Lights from start to the end of the Private tour.

More pictures here







Arctic Cruise In Norway | Tromso | more than your dreams


Whalesafari | Tromso | Tromsovisitors | ArcticQueen | VIP guests from UK

Fantastic day today – Long cruising- But what a whaleshow

A lot of Humpback whales and some Orcas as well.  Lucky 🙂 See mor pic here


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Northernlights | Cruising | Tromsovisitors | Arctic Queen | Guests from Singapora and US

Another nice evening crusing.

The magic lights Aurora was not there this evening, but wow what a city view from Arctic Queen. More pictures here


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Arctic Queen

Ready for VIP private guests visiting Tromsø.

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VIP Sightseeing | Arctic Queen | Tromsovisitors | Guests from South Africa

Raining raining but a nice and relaxed tour.

Even not the best weather today,m we hav a nice and cozy tour and got new friends in South Africa. Thanks for choosing us,  and welcome back.






#Acinorway #Tromsovisitors #ArcticQueen #VIP #Private #Sightseeing

VIP Northernlights tour | ArcticX | Tromsovisitors | Guests from Brasil

Fantastic Evening -Fantastic Northernlights

Our VIP guests from Brasil enjoyed the evening today 🙂










#Acinorway #Tromsovisitors #Northernlight #ArcticX #Aurora



VIP Sailing | Arctic Princess | Tromso Visitors | Guests from Portugal

Nice new friends from Portugal

Afternoon tour from Tromsø city. Just a relax and sail and sharing experience from life.
















#Acinorway #Tromsovistors #ArcticPrincess #Sailandrelax

VIP Northernlights tour | ArcticX | Tesla | Tromsovisitors | Guests from Portugal

Another nice evening

  • today with our Arctic X – Brand new Tesla Model X. Happy guests from Portugal































#Acinorway #Tromsovisitors #Northernlights #Aurora #Tromso #Tesla #ArcticX

Fjord sightseeing | Private Car | Arctic X | Tromsovisitors

Cant be a better Fjordsightseeing with our Luxury Car – Tesla Model X

19 degree, – Sun, Fjord, Mountains, Lake, River, Old fisherman house, – and more. Bring your camera and have big space on your memory stick. Many nice photo objects arround.





















































































#Acinorway #Tromsovisitors #ArcticX #Vipcar #Tesla #Fjordsightseeing


Arctic X | Tesla Model X | Tromsovisitors | Norway

Our Brand New Luxury Car – Tesla Model X

Ready for Private tours – New product released soon.
























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Northernlights | Tromso | Magic view

Pictures taken without Tripod. Welcome to our guests from all arround the world.

If you are looking for a Private | VIP tour, maximum 3 hours,  – our brand New Tesla Model X is an alternativ. Please let us know how we can help.








#Acinorway #Northernlights #VIP #Private #Car #Tesla

#Private | #Cruise | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticQueen | Guests from US

Some like it crowded and some like it Private.

Our new friends from US choose it #Private. Arctic Queen our Brand new Yacht is a perfect choice.  Nice weather and magic scenery made this a super nice cruise. We also see the two big eagles and got some fish as well. We enjoyed a fishsoup in the “best restaurant in town” before heading back to Tromsø. See more pictures here.

#Lofoten | #Nyksund | #Skipnes | #Trollfjord | #Henningsvær | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticQueen | Guests from Australia

Best tour so far in 2017. Lofoten tour  July 2017.

We started from Tromsø July 7 and ended up in Henningsvær July 10, before heading back to Tromsø. See more pictures from a super fantistic tour here.

Skrolsvik Senja

Our first stop and overnight stay was at Skrolsvik at southpart of Senja. A realy small, quiet and cozy place. A nice walk arroud the harbour before cruising further.





































Next dag we stopped and enjoyed the super beautiful place Nyksund. Word cannot describe….



































On our way to Trollfjord we visited the small and fantastic place Skipnes.  Local fishsoup on the Quay and a shortwalk arround was amazing.
























What a magic #fjord. We stayed overnight and was blinded by the magic mountains arround. Even a small swimming in the fjord as well.



































Our end at this fantastic sailing was Henningsvær. Its a must to visit. Cant say anymore.














#VIP | #Sightseeing |#Tromsø | #Arctic Queen | Tromsovisitors | Guests from India

Another fantastic day with our VIP guests from India – This time a 3 Islands Sightseeing tour.

We visited the area where the German Battleship #Tirpitz was bombed during world War II. We also tried to some fishing as well. Both Arctic Princess and Arctic Queen was sailing today. This time the switched boats, the adults joined Arctic Queen, and the Children sailed with Arctic Princess. Thanks a lot! See more pic here















#VIP #Midnightsun sailing | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticPrincess #Arctic Queen | Guests from India

Many thanks to our VIP guests from India Cruising into the Midnightsun.

A fantastic evening, happy guests, and sun sun sun all the way. Our new friends from India has never seen this phenomena before. We uses both Arctic Princess our luxury Catamaran and our Brand new Yacht, Arctic Queen this wonderful evening.

More happy guests pictures here



















#VIP Sailing | #ArcticPrincess | Guests from Morokko and Norway

Funny Guest and Super Nice weather on this VIP Tour.

All our guests where very happy about the magic view, nice boat and very good homemade fishsoup, made by my Friend Frank. Important guests from Morokko and Norway realy enjoyed the sailing tour. Some of our guests jumped into the sea as well. Thanks for choosing Arctic Princess. See more happy guests .


#VIP | #Sightseeing | #ArcticQueen | #Tromso | Guests from South Africa

Even snowing today our guests from South Africa got an exiting experience.

Arctic Queen bring them smooth and safe around  3-Islands. Some very big eagles show up. At the end we needed fresh fish for the fish soup before heading back to Tromsø. Thanks for choosing Arctic Cruise In Norway. Welcome back another time.

See more happy guests here

#VIP | #Sightseeing | #Arctic Queen | #Tromso | Guests from South Africa


VIP Sailing | Guests from #Norway | Arctic Princcess | #Tromsø

What day, what a weather, – fantastic sailing today.

Our guests from Norway had a nice day together with us this Sunday in October, hope to see you soon again.

Click here for more pictiures

 VIP Sailing | Guests from #Norway | Arctic Princcess | #Tromsø

VIP Sailing | Guests from #Norway | Arctic Princcess | #Tromsø


VIP 2 Days sailing to Beautiful Risøy

Our guests from Norway and Colombia joined us on this sailing.

Weather was a challange this days, – we got it “all” – sun, rain, wind fog and waves. We did some fishing as well, and have a very good fish dinner. We docked in Kvaløyvågen for the night,

See more pictures here2 days #sailing | #Risoy | Arctic Princess 2 days #sailing | #Risoy | Arctic Princess 2 days #sailing | #Risoy | Arctic Princess 2 days #sailing | #Risoy | Arctic Princess 2 days #sailing | #Risoy | Arctic Princess

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