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#Northernlight sailing | #Arctic Princess |#Tromso | Guests from Singapore & Italy

Very relaxed sailing this afternoon.

Our guests from Italy and Singapore saw the #Northernlight several times during this sailing with Arctic Princess. A wonderful view to #Tromsø city as well.

More pictures here

#Northernlight sailing | #Arctic Princess |#Tromso | Guests from Singapore & Italy

#VIP | Best of The Best | #Northernlight & #Fishing | #Tirpitz visit | #Tromso | Guest from Australia

What a sailing, what a nice experience, what a night, what a day!

Our #VIP guests from Australia sailed with us on our BEST of The BEST tour | #Northernlight and #Fishing.

We also visited the old German battleship wreck Tirpitz which was bombed by the Englishmen in 1944. More than 900 people died that day.

See more fantastic pictures here

#VIP  | Best of The Best | #Northernlight & #Fishing | #Tirpitz visit | #Tromso | Guest from Australia





#VIP  | Best of The Best | #Northernlight & #Fishing | #Tirpitz visit | #Tromso | Guest from Australia

#VIP  | Best of The Best | #Northernlight & #Fishing | #Tirpitz visit | #Tromso | Guest from Australia








#Northernlight | #Tromso | #VIP | #Guests from Saudi Arabia

Super happy VIP guests from Saudia Arabia – sailed with us on this Northernlight evening.

#Northernlight | #Tromso | #VIP | #Guests from Saudi Arabia

Northernlight sailing |#Arctic Princess | #Tromsø

Many lovely guests sailed with us this evening.

We waited and waited, but a lot of clouds and rain prevented us from seeing the Northern Lights this evening. Nature is not easy to control 🙂  More pictures her

#Northernlight sailing |#Arctic Princess | #Tromsø

Best of The Best – #VIP #Northernlight and #Whalesafari

More than your dreams -pure – clean – fresh

#Northernlight | #Boat tour | # Tromsø | Guests from Germany

Amazing Amazing Amazing Northerlight sailing.

Our guest from Germany does not want to come inside Arctic Princess for a tasty Fishsoup, they had the light from the beginning to the end.

The battery in my camara was not working, so this is what I got this beautiful evening. Taken without tripod.


#Northernlight | #Boat tour | # Tromsø | Guests from Germany













#Northernlight | #Boat tour | # Tromsø | Guests from Germany

#Northernlight #sailing | Guests from India | #Arctic Princess

Our first #Northernlight tour fall 2016.

Nice trip, but not easy to see the aurora due to to much clouds. More pictures here#Northernlight #sailing | Guests from India | #Arctic Princess

Northernlight cruise | FjordCruise | Fishing | New Princess Emi

Our new Cabincruiser | Princess Emi in Action

During the first day of Mars 2016 we released our new Cabin Cruiser Princess Emi. Customers from Hong Kong, England, and Shanghai joined us on Northernlight cruise, Fjord Cruise and Fishing trip.

Nice weather, Northernlight and a lot of fish, – made a nice frame for our first cruise from Tromsø.

Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Tromso | Cruising Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Tromso

Northernlight cruise |Princess Emi | Tromso.

Fishing | Princess Emi | Tromso.

Fishing | Princess Emi |Tromso | Cabincruiser

Fjordcruise | Fishing | Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Boat | Tromso

Fjordcruise | Fishing | Princess Emi | Tromso

Wonderful #Northernlight #boat trip | Arctic Princess

Minus 17 degree and a nice sailing tonight.

Our guest from Brasil was celebrating an upcomming wedding 🙂 New friend from Japan and Switzerland also joined us tonigjht.

Thanks to all of you.

See more pictures here

Skjermbilde 2016-01-07 23.01.18 Skjermbilde 2016-01-07 23.00.51

#Northernlight | #Tromso | #Boat

Nice northernlight sailing this evening.

Our guests from Malaysia and England seems to enjoy this cold, clear and magic lights evening.

See more picture in our webshop

#Northernlight |#Tromso |#Boat | Arctric Princess #Northernlight |#Tromso |#Boat

Private and exclusive | Northernlight sailing | Tromso | ARCTIC PRINCESS

Our guests from Ireland got their “higlights” during their weekend trip to Norway.

More pictures here

Northernlight | Sailing | Tromso | Arctic Princess

Special days | Special weather | Sailing | Arctic Princess

Our new friends from Malaysia joined Arctic Princess for Northernlights hunting,

Saling and fishing trip next day. The weather was a challange, but we ended up with a nice trip. Wind, rain, waves, clouds and sun. All in a special mixture.

See more nice pictures here

Rainbow | Tromso | Saling | Arctic Princess Malaysia lady | Saling | ArcticPrincess | Tromso Tromso | Mountain|| Sailing | ArcticPrinccess

#Northernlight | #Tromso | Guests from UK

Relax Northern light sailing with new friends from UK.

Nice weather but fog make it more difficult to get 100% good view this evening.

#Northernlight | #Tromso | Guests from UK 2 #Northernlight | #Tromso | Guests from UK 1

Northernlight safari | Tromso | Nice evening

Very nice sailing | #Northernlight #Chase

New lovely friends from Brazil, Isreal and Scotland.

See more pictures here

Northernlight safari | Tromso | Nice Evening 1Northernlight safari | Tromso | Nice Evening 2

Northernlight sailing | Tromso

We where hunting for the magical lights, but we could not see it this time

Anyway a nice trip with new friends from Spain and Australia

Thanks for joining us

Northernlight sailing | Tromso

Evening sailing | Guests from Australia

Thanks for choosing Arctic Princess for an evening sailing

Hunting for the #Northernlight. Welcome back another day.


Evening Sailing | Tromso

Northernlight | Tromso

Thanks to our Italian guest

We had a nice trip this saturday evening. Northernlight came and on our way back we had a glas of white wine and fishsoup.

Welcome back

Northernlight trip | Tromso [ Italian guests


Northernlight tour | VIP Customer | Ukraine

Nice evening | Birthday celebration | Arctic Princess

Our first customer from Ukraine onboard at Arctic Princess. Snowing but we got the #Northernlight . Sailing from from #Tromsø.

See more pictures here

Northernlight tour | VIP Customer | Arctic Princess | TromsøNorthernlight tour | Birthday | Tromsø

We are happy to introduce our new BEST of the BEST tour:

#VIP #Northernlights and #Fishing at our Luxury Catamaran, Lagoon 450


Explore the “magical dance” on our outside saloon or daybed

stay onboard during night. Selfcaught fish dinner!

A DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE TOUR.  «THREE IN ONE» – magical light – overnight stay – fishing
4 Cabins with shower and toilett

Incl breakfast, dinner and supper

Booking: click here


VIP Northernlighs and Fishing

#VIP #Northernlights tour | #Tromsø

Thanks a lot to our  Chineese girls form Beijing | Joining us on this lovely evening when the Sun arrive to Tromsø. A lot of #magical #Northernlights

We went #fishing as well, and make selfcaught #fishdinner. Tastet fantastic!

See more pictures here

#VIP #Northernlights | #Tromsø#VIP #Northernlights | #Tromsø January 22