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Midnightsun sailing from Tromsø

Beautiful evening when Arctic Princess leaving Tromsø harbour for a midnightsun sailing.

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Midnightsun cruise | Tromsø

We started with a hope to see the midnightsun, but ended up with a midnight fishing.

Fresh fish in soup tasted as normal super 🙂

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Arctic Cruise In Norway | Tromso | more than your dreams


#Midnightsun Sailing | #Arcticprincess | #tromsovisitors | Guests from UK Spain South Korea

Special Midnightsun sailing.

When we started this sailing, the rain set in. But after a while the Sun came back and we got a wonderful evening. Some of our guests celebrated their 31 year wedding date. Congratulation. See more midnightsun pictures here.

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Cold evening, but realy nice and relaxed Midnightsun cruise from Tromsø

Our guests enjoyed the Sun from Start to The End of the tour, – and the fishsoup tasted perfect they said 🙂 The fish was from the earlier fishing trip same day.

More super nice pictures here.

#VIP #Midnightsun sailing | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticPrincess #Arctic Queen | Guests from India

Many thanks to our VIP guests from India Cruising into the Midnightsun.

A fantastic evening, happy guests, and sun sun sun all the way. Our new friends from India has never seen this phenomena before. We uses both Arctic Princess our luxury Catamaran and our Brand new Yacht, Arctic Queen this wonderful evening.

More happy guests pictures here



















#Midnightsun Sailing | #Tromso | #ArcticPrincess | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from US Italy Norway

A super duper magic Midnightsun Sailing

We had a fantastic late evening today, nice summer temperature, white moutains, blue sea and nice guests from US, Italy and Norway. What a night! See more super nice pictures here












#Midnightsun cruise | #Tromsovisitors |#ArcticQueen | Guests from Australia

A fantastic evening on our Luxury Yacht, Arctic Queen.

Our guests from Australia joined us on this fantastic Midnightsun cruise from #Tromsø harbour. We got the sun from Start to the End, and had magic view from the Flybridge. Even the fox show up arround midnight.

More midnightsun pictures here.













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