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Fjordcruise | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticPrincess | UK Guests | #Tromso

Quiet sailing tour with our guests from UK

We visited the place where the battle ship #Tirpitz where bombed during world war II. Very windy when getting back to harbour, and heavy work to dock Arctic Princess. Thanks to Paul and Philippa fpor helping me today. See more pictures here

#Fjordcruise | #Tromsovisitors |#ArcticPrincess | #Tromso | Guests from Brazil and US

This fjordcruise from Tromsø ended up in the small fjord,-  Ramfjord.

A fantastic day at sea, no wind, and white mountains surrounded Arctic Princess. Our guests from Brazil and USA had a relaxed day with us.  Ret of the picture is here

#Fjordcruise | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticQueen | Guests from Finland and UK

Fantastic day at sea. Sun, White mountains, blue sea and great guests from Finland and UK.

We did a fjordcruise | 3 Islands Sightseeing. See more pictures here

#Fjordcruise #Sailing and Relax | #fishing as extra service | Guests from #San francisco

New nice friends from US – San Francisco.

We did a fjordcruise with a fishing activity at the end. Happy friends seems to like it.

#fjordcruise #Sailing and Relax + #fishing as extra service | Guests from #Sanfrancisco

#Sail & Relax | #Tromsø | MC Guests from Russia

This MC group from Russia, St Petersnburg sailed with Arctic Princess

Nice friends, with Harley Davidson  and BMW MC shared both sailing and MC stories with me during this nice day. We did som fishing as well, – and as always all got a catch 🙂 Pictures here

Thanks to Marlene at Polar Adventures 🙂

#Sail & #relax | #Tromsø | #Fishing | #Harley

#VIP #Fjordcruise | #Fishing | #Tromso

Thanks to the nice and funny family from Belgium sailed with Arctic Princess.

Funny tour, and also a lot of fish later on. More nice pictures here

#VIP #Fjordcruis #Tromso

#Fjordcruise and #Fishing | #Arctic Princess |#Tromsø

Thanks to our Guests from Netherland and UK for joining us today,

The youngest even prepared her own fish, before selfcaught fishdinner,

See more nice pricturres here

#Fjordcruise #Fishing #Tromsø #Fjordcruise #Fishing #Tromsø

#Fjordcruise | #PrincessEmi | #Tromsø | Guests from UK and Dubai

Happy guests from Dubai and UK #crusied with Princess Emi this Saturday.

They got the biggest cod this summer 🙂

Nice pictures here

#Fjordcruise | #PrincessEmi | #Tromsø | Guests from UK and Dubai

#Fjordcruise | #PrincessEmi | #Tromsø | Guests from UK and Dubai

VIP Fishing | FjordCruise | Dinner | Swimming

What a fantastic sailing today. Our guests from Norway got a beautiful tour with Arctic Princess.

We got it all, nice weather, relax, fishing, selfcaught fishdinner, and a swimming experience in the Arctic!

VIp Fishinb | Fjordcruise | Dinner sailing | Swimming

VIp Fishinb | Fjordcruise | Dinner sailing | Swimming


VIP Fjordcruise | Fishing | Guests from Dubai |Princess Emi

Our VIP Guests from Dubai joined us on this Fjordcruise | Fishing trip

Snowing, sun, fish, dinner, new skipper – totally a nice trip.

See more pictures here

VIP FjordCruise | Fishing | Guests From Dubai | Princess Emi | Cabincruiser

VIP FjordCruise | Fishing | Guests From Dubai | Princess Emi | Cabincruiser

Northernlight cruise | FjordCruise | Fishing | New Princess Emi

Our new Cabincruiser | Princess Emi in Action

During the first day of Mars 2016 we released our new Cabin Cruiser Princess Emi. Customers from Hong Kong, England, and Shanghai joined us on Northernlight cruise, Fjord Cruise and Fishing trip.

Nice weather, Northernlight and a lot of fish, – made a nice frame for our first cruise from Tromsø.

Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Tromso | Cruising Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Tromso

Northernlight cruise |Princess Emi | Tromso.

Fishing | Princess Emi | Tromso.

Fishing | Princess Emi |Tromso | Cabincruiser

Fjordcruise | Fishing | Princess Emi | Cabincruiser | Boat | Tromso

Fjordcruise | Fishing | Princess Emi | Tromso

Fjordcruise | Guests from USA

Nice sailing during this windy day

But, no engine noise, just wind and some small waves. We sailed arround a small and nice Island, Grindøya into a qiuet place, Sørbotn, closed to Håkøya (another Island).

See more pictures at our Webshop


Skjermbilde 2015-10-21 11.35.04

Fjordcruise | New captains from India | Tromso

Nice new friends from India.

We had a exiting sailing this october day in Tromsø. Sailed from Tromsø while raining, and return with the sun shining between clouds.

Our new “captains” seems to enjoy.

See more pictures here

Guest from India | Fjordcruise | Tromso | ArcticPrincess Fjordcruisse | Guest from India | Arctic Princess | Tromso

Fishing | Sailing | Nice weather

We had a nice sailing this beautiful day, but bad fishing.

We just get two small cod, just enough for a small taste. Anyway, new happy friends from Malaysia and France. More pictures here

Sailing and relax | Guest from Malaysia | ARCTIC PRINCESS Guest from France | Sailing | relax | Tromso | Arctic Princess

Beautiful sailing | Guest from India

What a day! Fantastic weather | Fall | Tromsø

Our new friends from India joined Arctic Princess and got a nice and relax sailing with us.   More pictures here

Fall | Tromso | Sailing | Arcticprincess Sail | Relax | Tromso | Guest from India | Arctic Princess Tromso | Sailing | Norway | Arctic Princess

#Fjordcruise | #Tromsoe | Dolphin

A very special sailing today.

Very nice weather and new friends from US, Norway and Hungary + a special one. A dolphin was playing arround Arctic Princess. Not normal view in our area.

See pictures here

#Fjordcruise | #Tromsoe | Dolphin | ArcticPrincess #Fjordcruise | #Tromsoe | Dolphin

#Fjordcruise | #Tromsoe | Guest from Germay and US

New friends from US and Germany joined Arctic Princess at this Fjordcruise from Tromsoe.

Just relaxing and sharing stories while sailing. More pictures here

#Fjordcruise | #Tromsoe | September 15 | Guest from Germay and US #Fjordcruise | #Tromsoe | September 15 | Guest from Germay and US | Happy

Nice sailing and Relax trip

Our guest from US had never tried #fishing before.

So we stopped during this #fjordcruise. She got several nice cods, – and the fishdinner tasted fantastic.

We welcome you back again 🙂 See more fishwoman pictures here

#Fishing | #Tromso | US Guest #Sailing | #Fishing | #Tromso

Fjordcruise | Fishing | Sailing and Relax

Happy guests from Russia | Fishing | Sail & Relax

We had a nice sailing today from Troms City. We started with some fishing and eat selfcaught fish, while continue the sailing. Before we get back to Tromsø, we stopped for another fishing activity.

Our guests from Russia was very satisfied with the sailing today.


#Fishing | #Sail and Relax | #Tromso | Guest from Russia

#Fjordcruise | #Sail |#Troms0

Fin tur med gjester fra Bladet Nordlys.

Kundene spiste reker og slappet av. Været var ikke på vår side denne gangen.

Fin fjordcruise | Seiltur rundt Tromsøya.

Se flere bilder her

#Fjordcruise | #sail | #Nordlys | #Tromso