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Fishing | Happy Guest | Tromso

Super happy guests joined Arctic Queen on this fishing tour.

We got a lot, – even a small Halibut today.

Then of course super fresh fish lunch on our way back to Tromso.

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Fishing tour from Tromso | Guests from The Netherlands

Great day at sea on this Fishing tour from Tromso.

Our new friends from Netherlands was super happy. They like the view, our cozy catamaran Arctic Princess and of course the fishing activity. But, best of all their selfcaught fish for lunch on our Sailing back to Tromsø. See more pictures in our photo album here

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Fishing and fun | Arctic Queen

Happy guest from China at Arctic Queen, fishing tour | Tromsø

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Private Cruise | Arctic Queen | Funny Guests from Hong Kong

Really nice family abord Arctic Queen 25.12.17

We Cruised outside Tromsø to nice area chasing whale. We did not see them thsi beautiful day, but we catch fish as normal;) and got a tasty lunch. Thanks to Moment Norway and Ida who arranged this tour.

More pictures here

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Fishing | Christmas | ArcticPrincess | Guests from China

Super nice fishing tour with new friends from China

We got one realy big, but I lost in when trying to get it inside Arctic Princess, but no problem, we got a lot any way. More pictures here

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Arctic Cruise In Norway | Tromso | more than your dreams


Sightseeing | Fishing | Tromsovitors | ArcticQueen | Guests from UK

Our idea was a whalesafari tour, but…

We got seasick and changed to a sightseeing and a fishing tour. Visiting the small fisherman village Kvaløyvågen, while we have a super fresh fish lunch onboard. After all a nice tour with super nice guests. Thank you.

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No whales today, But a nice Sightseeing and Fishing tour

Even not the best weather and no whales where we sailed, we still got a nice Cruise today.

We visited the beautiful Island Gåsvær where our guests walk arround on a nice beach and  between two small house, and a Church. Yes a Church.

I was making fishsoup with the catch form yesterday.  On our way back to Tromsø we also tried fishing. And, result 🙂 More pic here

Fishing and Sailing | Tromsovisitors | Arctic Princess | Guests from Austria

Wonderful weather – Wonderful day and and realy good Fish lunch.

The ladies from Austria had never been in the north before,  never been fishing and never tasted that super fresh fish 🙂 See more pictures here in our new photo .















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Whale safari | Fishing | Tromso | ArcticQueen | Tromsovisitors

Another day out there – No whale but still happy guests

Both of the small kids got some nice cods.  All happy after all. More pic here














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Whale | Fishing tour | Arctic Princess | Tromsovisitors | Guests from UK

Exiting tour today – Chasing whale – ended up with fishing

Heavy weather, – wind, rain and happy guests 🙂 Fishing activity as an alternative. See pictures in our calendar her















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Winter Fishing | Arctic Princess | Guests from Belgium

Funny day at sea today – snowing and sun at the same time

And happy guests, – the got fresh selfcaught fish dinner. See more pictures here








































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Private fishing tour | Arctic Princess | Guuest from France

We got a lot of cods, and at the end a bigger one.

Happy guests got selfcaught fishdinner, – super fresh.  More pictures in pur calendar here




























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Fishing | ARCTIC PRINCESS | Tromsovisitors | Guests From Poland

Wind, rain – but we got nice cods.

Fishdinner tasted fantastic – guests super happy. Thanks.

See more pictures at our new photo calendar.















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Fjordcruise | Some Fishing | Tromsovisitors | Arctic Princess | Guests from Korea | Sweden

Windy today – But still a super tour

Our guests like to try fishing too, and so we did. Last minute fish and super happy guests.





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Fishing tour | Sightseeing | Tromsovisitors | Arctic Princess | Guest from China and Korea

Funny guests from Asia today – Fishing and Sightseeing

We need to fight to find the best fishing spot today, but we did it. Guess how happy our guests get? Click here for more pictures

This is the captain today 🙂








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Northernlights fishing | Tromsovisitors | ArcticPrincess | Guests from Thailand

Hey Hey  Hey – Fishing in The Northernlights !

This is a not everyday experience 🙂 But we did it, and got severals cods which we prepare and had for late evening food. What a day 🙂

See exiting pictures here















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Fishing | Sightseeing | Tromsovisitors | Arctic Princess | Guests from Mexico | Australia

Another fantastic day at sea, sun and more sun and more than happy guests

And this time we finally got a nice big cod, after some time changing fishing spots several times. More happy guests pictures here.






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Fishing | Fisketur | Arctic Princess | Tromsovisitors | Guests from Denmark

Super duper fishing tour.

Sun sun sun and more sun in this beautiful September Tuesday. Our new guests from Denmark also got fish, and of course we made super fresh fish for lunch on our sailing back to Tromsø. More picture click here











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VIP Fishing | Arctic Queen | Tromsovisitors | Guests from China Brasil

Wow what a nice VIP Cruise with Arctic Queen,

All our new friends from China and Brasil had a nice, cozy and relax cruise in with magic Scenery. We tried fishing, and as usual, we got some cods which was used in the fish soup. More picture here





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