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#Sailing & #Fishing | #Arcticprincess | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from Brazil Spain Belgium

Summer – Sailing and Fishing, – all in one  tour.

Our guest agreed, they take the right decission. Getting on a nice and comfortable luxury boat for an exiting experience. A lot of fish on this relaxed Fjordcruise | Sail & Relax.  We are of course super happy our guest like what we can offer. Thanks a lot. If you like to visit Arctic Cruise In Norway, send us an email or look at our exiting experience and book your tour. Some says its more than our dream. More pictures


#Sightseeing | #Fishing | #ArcticPrincess | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from Finland & Norway

Raining, raining but still funny.

Our new guests from Finland and Norway seems to like the #sailing, sightseeing and Fishing tpiur today. Fresh fish in the soup and a beer isnt bad 🙂 More pictures here

#Fishing | #ArcticPrincess | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from UK and Norway

First time fishing – first time fish.

Our guests today got a new and exiting experience. Some of them find it even scary, but at the end it tasted fantastic. See nice pictures .

#ArcticRace |#Fishing | #Tromso | #Tromsovisitors |#Guests from France

Fantastic evening with new friends from France.

#ArcticRace,  Arctic Race of Norway guests visited Arctic Cruise In Norway

We did a short fishing trip this evening, and got a lot of fish in a realy bad weather! But our warm suites makes it a very nice activity, See some more photeo and video here.





#Private | #Fishing | #Tromsovisitors | #PrincessEmi | Guest from France

Our private new friend from France Cruised with us today

We go for fishing directly from #Tromso harbour. And, as always fresh fish dinner on our way back to Tromsø City. Happy guest again. More pictures

#Fishing | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticPrincess | Guests from sweden & France

Wow – look at this swedish boy – Got a nice #Halibut

Why not try to catch a bigger one ? We cannot promise that you will beat him, but we can promise a nice fishing experience, in a magic scenery.

We are looking forward to see you onboard.


See more Halibut fishing here


#Sailing and Relax pluss #Fishing | #VIP tour | #Tromsovisitors | #Arctic Princess | Guests from India

What a fantastic day today – Nice guests – Nice weather and A Nice Halibut

Our VIP Guests from India have fun, did fishing, singing and dancing while #Sailing with Arctic Princess – Wow fun :). A little late back to #Tromsø, but…

More fun pictures here.




















#Fishing | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticPrincess | Guests from Hong Kong

Fantastic fishing tour with Guests form Hong Kong

Nice weather, a lot of sun, and super Happt Guests onboard at  #Arctic Princess. We got a lot of nice cods and the fresh self caught”fish tasted very good, while we sailed back to #Tromsø.

More pictures here.












#Fishing | #Saling and relax | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from Scotland and Germany

Thanks to our new guests from Scotland and Germany

For #Saling and trying to the #Fishing activity today. Our German girls had never tried fishing before, but got some nice cods. We did a relaxed Sailing while enjoyed the fresh “fish lunch.

More pictures here

#Fishing | #Saling and relax | #Tromsovisitors | #ArcticPrincess | Guest from Scotland Germany

#Fishing |#Tromsø | #ArcticPrincess | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from Australia and Norway

We did not catch the big one this day, but we got the best weather.

At the end of the tour we got some for a delicious fish soup. Can you get a better surroundings while enjoing the lunch?

More pic here













#Fishing | #ArcticPrincess | #Tromso | #Tromsovisitors | Guests from Slovakia and Norway

Fantastic weather a lot of Fish, – well not big one this time

Our new friends from Slovakia wanted big fish on this fishing tour from Tromsø, but this time we got a lot of small fish. But the fishdinner tasted fantastic. Our young guest from Norway got a nice fish as well. A break after a hard work is needed too.

See more pictures here

#Fishing |#Tromsø #Visitors | #PrincessEMI | Guests from Norway and US

Happy guests from Norway and USA

Nice saturday at Princess EMI, – fishing and fresh fishdinner after an exciting cruise. The Norwegian lady got more than 10 fish this day 🙂

More pictures here


Fantastic day at sea with daughter and friends

What a day at sea! Fantastic last easter day with my daughter and friends.

Emily got her first fish ever, and was, happy, excited and scared at the same time.

A realy nice fish dinner at the flybridge before heading back to Tromsø.

More pictures here

#Sigtseeing | #Tromsø | #ArcticQueen | Guests from Kuwait & Netherland

What a day for sightseeing!

Sun, white mountains, blue sea, eagles and a BIG Cat fish, – and some small as well. Very nice guests from Kuwait and Netherland.  Should have stayed there even longer. More exiting pictures here


#Sigtseeing | #Tromsø | #ArcticQueen | Guests from Kuwait & Netherland

#VIP | Best of The Best | #Northernlight & #Fishing | #Tirpitz visit | #Tromso | Guest from Australia

What a sailing, what a nice experience, what a night, what a day!

Our #VIP guests from Australia sailed with us on our BEST of The BEST tour | #Northernlight and #Fishing.

We also visited the old German battleship wreck Tirpitz which was bombed by the Englishmen in 1944. More than 900 people died that day.

See more fantastic pictures here

#VIP  | Best of The Best | #Northernlight & #Fishing | #Tirpitz visit | #Tromso | Guest from Australia





#VIP  | Best of The Best | #Northernlight & #Fishing | #Tirpitz visit | #Tromso | Guest from Australia

#VIP  | Best of The Best | #Northernlight & #Fishing | #Tirpitz visit | #Tromso | Guest from Australia








#Fishing tour | #PrincesEmi | #Tromsø | Guests from Czech Republic

Happy guys  got a lot of #cods from Princess Emi – our cabincruiser.

Weather was not the best – but fun anyway.  I cooked 3 cods, and nothing left 🙂

See more picture here



#Fishing tour | #PrincesEmi | #Tromsø | Guests from  Czech Republic

#VIP Whalesafari and #Fishing | #Arctic Queen

Fantastic day at sea. Our #VIP guests was happy when arrived to Tromsø.

First we did a fishing activity, before heading up to see the whales. Today it was the Orca who played around Arctic Queen.  Before leaving us we made a lot of Cod filet to our Guests. They promised to get back. This is the second time some of them sailed with us.

Thank you very much.



#Fishing in darkness | #Tromso | #Princess EMI | Guests from Abudabi

Funny guys from Abu Dabi joined us on this special #fishing trip today.

Dark and snowing, but we got a lot of cods. Guys seems to like that. When arrived we jumped on Arctic Princess to cook at taste the catch. All pic by mobile phone… hmmm.#Fishing in darkness | #Tromso | #Princess EMI | Guesta from Abudabi


#Whalesafari | #Orca | #Tromsø | Guest from US Singapore China | #ArcticPrincess

Whale, nature, sailing, new friends and fishing.

What a day at sea. Some goes for whalesafari and got Fishing as a bonus, and some goes for Fishing and got Whalesafari as a bonus. Result=All is happy.

More pictures here

#Whalesafari | #Orca | #Tromsø | Guest from US  Singapore China | #ArcticPrincess

#Fishing | Guests from Singapore | #Arcticprincess | #Tromso

Funny #fishing tour with our #boat #Arctic Princess.

Guests from Singapore really enjoyed the tour and even more the fresh fish dinner.

#Fishing | Guests from Singapore | #Arcticprincess | #Tromsø