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Monthly view – Arctic Princess (Luxury Catamaran)

If less than 12 pax in each time frame – you will be able to join us. Daily trips, Timeframe: 10-13, 19-22  or longer (whalesafari)Book now | Arctic Princess For other tours:Get a Proposal | Arctic Princess

Monthly view – Arctic Queen  (Luxury Yacht)

If less than 11 pax in each time frame – you will be able to join us. Daily trips, Timeframe: 10-13, 19-22  . book-now-queenFor other tours:Skjermbilde 2016-02-28 13.10.36

Monthly view – Princess Emi (Cabin Cruiser)

If less than 9 pax in each time frame – you will be able to join us. Daily trips, Timeframe: 10-13, 19-22  Book now Princess EmiFor other tours:Skjermbilde 2016-02-28 13.10.36

  1. Hello Kurte
    du må frigjøre for første september x kommer til Napoli for å besøke oss ok?

  2. Si si 😉

  3. jane daniels

    Can I book a 3 hour hour fishing trip on June 19? We are arriving on Norwegian Cruise lines.There are 2 of us and we will be at port from 8AM to 5PM. Thank you

  4. Yes of course, please send me and Email at With your data (name, Email, date for trip…) Thanks

  5. Hello, is it possible to book the Northern Light tour for tomorrow evening and the Whalesafari Saturday morning?

  6. Yes 🙂 See email. welcome.

  7. Hi! I would like to know if to see the whales is too late in march?
    Thank you

  8. Dear, I am sorry. Its too late this season.
    We can offer a very nice jordcruise / Fishing. You will fish your own fish for dinner 🙂


  9. Hello, Is it possible to see orcas at the beginning of february ?

  10. I think its to late… Last trip last year, was 21. January. But it depends on how long they are here in our area.

  11. hi there,
    is fishing and whale watching available in one trip, between 20th-24th Feb?

  12. Hi.
    Since whale has left this area that late, we can do fishing and fjordcruise, and northernlight,
    Or a combination:)

    Just let me know.

  13. We are 2 persons join 10:00am day trip.

  14. I would like to book 10:00am 11th.Mar. 2persons.

  15. No i am sorry, not in our area.

  16. Dear, 11 mars 2017? Send me your email, so you got booking confirmation

  17. Hi is Princess Emi available on December 29 for 5 pax for Whale watching and Fishing?

  18. Yes. Like to go? Let me know and i reserve your booking.

  19. Hi,
    I tried calling and emailing but no reply. I’m suppose to be on the Arctic Princess tonight but I feel sick and not so well, and the weather is really bad. Is there anyway I can move my trip to tomorrow morning (the fishing one) I don’t mind paying extra fees.
    Please let me know. I booked through

  20. We re- booked according to aggrement

  21. Good morning! We are four students from stavanger, we are going to visit Tromso next week, Is it possible to see orcas at the beginning of february ? Are you still doing the trip with Arctic Princess ? Thanks a lot

  22. Dear
    Well its a little late, but we still goes. LAst year we did it to the end of first week of february,
    Today the weather was realy bad, and no one saw them.
    So, I am not sure how it would be just now.

  23. Dear, I didn’t see your answer sorry.. Thank you very much! What do you think about this saturday ? Thanks

  24. Dear, its late now for whale. Specially for Arctic Princess. We where out there today and saw orca, but we need to use Arctic Queen

  25. We van try using Arctic Queen

  26. Hello, Is it possible to see the whales during October ( around 24-26) with Arctic Princess?

  27. Dear, Yes we hope whale are here then, but probably Arctic Queen is better early season?! Since we probably need to go longer to See them? Kurt Arild

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