Your sailing experience starts with a booking.

By choosing booking  we can design your journey just the way you want.

Daytrips: Just choose your trip. Price is fixed.

arcticprincess-tromsoArctic Princess is a luxury catamaran, quiet and very comfortable. Wide and plenty of space. You are almost together with the whales. #arctic-queen-#tromsoArctic Queen is our luxury Yacht, with a super nice saloon. The flybridge offer the best comfortable view in town. If you like to be the captain for a while, just ask. Skjermbilde 2016-03-20 20.33.52
Princess Emi is nice and fun. We open the panorama roof if you like to stay inside.The secured plattform is perfect for getting even closer.
book-now-ap book-now-ap

Through our selected partner in Tromsø,l we can offer 3 RIB boats. On for 6 (150Hp)  guests and two for 12 guests (one with 300Hp and one with /600Hp). Two is located in Tromsø Harbour and one in Kaldfjord, 20 min driving with car.

Guests: Max 12 persons
Price: 1200,- pp

Depending on the length of your trip (not day trips) we will confirm your wishes. If you accept our proposal the order will be booked in our system.

For passangers:

All passengers must register HER.  This is needed due to safety reasons

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