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Depending on what you want, we can offer a lot of activities, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Tell us what you want, and we will make your  sailing dream become a reality.

Some idea:

Summer Winter
Sea kayaking Sea kayaking
Glacier Walk Dogde sledging
Mountain hiking Snow-Mobile
Biking Cross Country skiing
Midnight Sun Experience Snow-shoing
Horseback Riding Ice Fishing
Visit Sami camp Dodge sledging and Northern Light
Helicopterlift to special destinations *) Snow-mobile and Northern Light
Diving *) Helicopterlift to special destinations *)

Get a Proposal | Arctic Princess

*) On request

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IMG_2158IMG_2156IMG_4803Subwingsledeskjøringlavvu_nordlysjakt stogalten


  1. do u have dogsleddigactivity we can do on 19th??:(

  2. Dear,
    Yes i can arrange, Do you want to sail as well?

    Please send me email

    Kurt Arild Larsen

  3. Yes, we can. How many people? Where do you live?

  4. Hi! Do you have dog sledding activities on this weekend? (23rd – 26th October)

  5. Well, it is not snow just now. But i can check

  6. It is a little bit early! No snow here just now. We can help with other activities if you like

  7. hi, my name is sandra, i’ll be in Tromso on november 25 to december 1, i’d like to see whales during my stay in Tromso and keep one day cruise for that. Do you have that kind of offer?
    I Discovered your agency by Alex Vizeo who told about you
    thank you for all

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