3 Hours – Luxury Northernlights sailing from Tromso

A different and unique tour  | A luxury Northernlights tour from Tromso

China has the Great Wall, France, Eifel tower, Sydney has the Opera House, New York has Statue of Liberty, Rio De Janeiro Christ the Redeemer and North of Norway has the  Northern Light.

Join us at Northern Lights hunt with Arctic Princess or Arctic Queen and enjoy the view. Experience the magical northernlights / Aurora Borealis outside on our daybed or lounge terrace at Arctic Princess or our flybridge at Arctic Queen.
We sail from Tromso Center, Floating Jetty just minutes from the mainstreet.  While sailing / hunting, you can sit inside in our warm Panorama saloon while relaxing and looking at Tromso Island from a Sea View.
Our Yachts are warm an comfortable, and a perfect place to be, while waiting for the magical NorthernLights.

Welcome to be our guests.

What does it feel like to see the Northern Lights?

«It is magical, simply magical. You think you must be dreaming, especially when you catch an outbreak from the start. It just comes from nowhere… and keeps moving and changing shape! It’ s like someone is doing a huge watercolour painting, in real time, across the canvas of the dark black sky. This is nature’s own silent movie show, awe-inspiring, majestic and ethereal that leaves you feeling stunned, reminded once again of the incredible beauty of nature. And somewhat grateful that you’ve had the opportunity to see it».

Zillah Bugeja, Malta,

Northenligt_By Jan Holthe

Personalised Northern Lights Boat Trip

At less than 1 hours notice we were able to join Kurt on the Arctic Princess for a Northern lights tour at 7pm on 6th January 2015. There was two of us and four people from Malaysia , so we had a very personalised tour. The boat is very new and comfortable. We sailed for about 30-40 minutes and then Kurt helped us get fully equipped by providing body suits. Once on deck we had a magnificent view of the Northern lights for at least 2 hours. When it finally got too cold to stay outside in -17c we went in the cabin and Kurt served his excellent fish soup.
Finally we returned to Tromso harbour and could still see the Northern lights when we got off the boat.
A recommended service from a smaller company.

Visited January 2016
Wokingham, United Kingdom
arcticprincess-tromsoArctic Princess is a luxury catamaran, quiet and very comfortable. Wide and plenty of space. #arctic-queen-#tromsoArctic Queen is our luxury Yacht, with a super nice saloon. The flybridge offer the best comfortable view in town. The secured platform is perfect for a nice view. Arctic X our brand new Tesla Model X is designed for our guests that focus on a private experience. The car is 100% electric and quiet. We will hunt for light maximum 1 hour 30 min from Tromsø City.
Guests: Max 12 persons
Guests: Max 10 persons Guests: Max 5 persons *)
Time: 19:00 (3 hours)
Time: 19:00(3 hours) Time: 19:00(2-3 hours)
Price: 1800,-pp
Price: 2 250,- pp  Price: 11 900,- /Car
book-now-ap book-now-ap

*) Meeting place, Grand Hotel Tromsø, Storgata 44, 9008 Tromsø (Center of Tromso).  Including driver, warm coffee/tea, muffins. We do have special camera and tripod for pictures.

We are located at the floating jetty just across Scandic Ishavshotel, 2 minutes from Radisson Blu, Hotel With and Clarion Aurora Hotel. 5-6 minutes walking from The Edge and the other hotels in the city center.


Included (Can Customize)
Fish soup
Days M,TI,O,TO,F,L,S
Approved warm sailing suite
Language En, No
Alcohol Additional

Or, Call for booking +47 905 49997 or mail: kal@acinorway.com

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  1. rianto hanafiah

    Hi Sir/ Madam.
    If my self n wife came on March , can we still watch ” aurora borealis “. ??. When is the latest date of March.
    Pls inform for flight reservation.
    Thank you

  2. Hi
    Yes you will be able to see it, but weather conditions we cannot controll.
    We will see aurora borealis also in early april, but during dark period it is better.

    please order using our webiste or mailto: kal@acinorway.com


  3. I read there is a large range of animals in and above the water such as whales, otters en eagles. Is it possible to see these animals during the northern light tour?
    And is there a hot meal at the boat?

  4. Dear, northernlight tour is during darkness and then we cannot see them.
    And we serve warm fishsoup, coffee, tea and snack.


  5. Hello, are you still available for booking northern lights hunting tonight?

  6. Yes. But bad weather. How many people?

  7. Hi, we are interested on having a sailing tour on 21st April to see aurora lights, do you think this could be a valid period? How much will be for 2 adults and how long does it take? Thanks Marco

  8. 21.04 is a little late!. We normally sail until first week of april. Price is NOK 1700,- pp.

  9. So there will not be the lights??? what about wales??

  10. Whales are here from nov-jan, maybe oct-febr

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