#Sightseeing |#Tromsø | Princess Emi | Guests from UK

Another amazing sightsseing cruise from Tromsø.

Our VIP guests from UK enjoyed the cruise, weather, landscape, eagle and some fishing at the end of the cruise.

More nice pictures here

#Sightseeing |#Tromso | #Boat

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I am Sailing in The Arctic Northern Norway - www.acinorway.com

Posted on 7. July 2016, in sightseeing and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Barbara and Peter smith

    We had an incredible adventure – spotting the elusive eagle take flight, catching a couple of codfish and taking in breathtaking views. the cabin cruiser was steered smoothly through the fjords, allowing us to see aspects of the islands unable to see from land.
    Kurt was courteous, puntual, efficient and had a genuine love of wildlife and nature.

  2. :)))

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